Watetsu 5 inch Closure Lubrication Chain

trong and Confidence with Anti-Stain Notion

  • Tung Yang Watetsu 5” chain has a larger contact area with the resin coated sliding surface on the rail, allowing more even weight distribution to withstand high pulling pressure of heavy fabric when required.
  • Tung Yang Watetsu 5” chain are designed to withstand up to 12 tons of pulling pressure, and the chains can run at high speed and will not elongate or deform under high temperature or pressure.
  • Two sealed automatic oil mist lubricators for the clips and chain railing are programmable, and are situated at both entry and exit section. The fully enclosed lubricator eliminates lint and dirt blockage, assures continuous and adequate lubrication.
  • The special sealed lubrication system is worldwide patented, not only eliminates lint and dirt blockage, but also provides clean lubricant to all vital moving parts.

Tung Yang Non-Lubrication Chain

Long and Lasting Performance

  1. Tung Yang No Lubrication Chain is made of high tensile cast iron with Germany made bushing.
  2. Provide 8,000 hrs without lubrication, which give end-user more production time without having to slow the machine down for lubrication.
  3. TY-NLC is environmental friendly and greatly reduce oil stain environment within the chambers. Maintenance is easy and is done once a year.
  4. Depending on the end users requirement, the No Lubrication Chain system can also be equipped with clip type or pin and clip combination .

P5V Vertical Chain

  1. Chain body made from powder metal which is highly unbreakable
  2. Chain links are made of hard metal with precast lubrication channel to ensure precise amount of lubricant be apply in the exact spot.
  3. Copper made pin plate with gilding pin giving long lasting duration.