Meeting New Challenges

Tung Yang Machine Industry CO., LTD was founded in 1963 by Mr. Shen Jun Wu and has its headquarters now in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Our extensive machinery portfolio has grown to include Watetsu Japan Hi-Echo II Stenter, TYMICO Hi-Air Stenter, TYMICO No Tension Dryer, TYMICO Tubular Heat Setting Machine, Hanayama Japan Relax Washing Machine, and Marshall & Williams P-5 Vertical Chain Stenter.

Tung Yang is a global company with offices and local sales and service agencies around the world, thus we are able to serve all the major markets and provide superior quality of service to our customers. Tung Yang is a strategically mutli-national integrated Hi-Tech company, not only do we design, develop, and manufacture our branded machinery, but we also market and OEM for other famous manufacturer as well.

Tung Yang has always been a customer driven company, we focus our efforts on providing the highest quality machineries with attentive after sales service and support, that ensures total customer satisfaction. The corporate culture that exists within Tung Yang is professionalism and teamwork. As a declaration of our commitment to quality we implemented the Total Quality Control concept throughout the company. Tung Yang's Advanced R&D Teams have over 40 years of experience in developing quality state-of-the-art Hi-Tech machineries that are at the very cutting edge of technology. Our commitment to R&D ensures that we will continue to produce superior quality innovative products keeping us at the forefront of our industry and leaving the competition far behind.